Across the pond!


Well, this ones been interesting! i’ve been keeping busy lately with a number of projects. mostly music videos at the minute as well as one or two shorts and then out the blue i get contacted by a couple of lovely chaps from america. It turns out they’re shooting a documentary over here and would More >

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Do you have a Pretty Silhouette?


Low and behold i’m back on the music video trail again!

Actually a good few of my posts over the coming months are going t be music video orientated! (i seem to keep getting booked for them, not that i’m complaining)


to me a music video is an excellent medium for a cinematographer to work and More >

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5 day film competition!


Well, looks like i’ve not posted for a while! (I promise i will get better at this…)

just thought i’d keep you all informed with a little competition i’ve recently entered. its for the LMH 5 day film competition. this is a competition aimed at encouraging local liverpool filmmakers to explore the More >


We told you not to go!


Hi there,

just thought i’d share one of my more recent completed projects. this here is a music video for the Liverpool/Australian band ‘Orange Room‘ and their new single ‘We told you not to go’. the backstory behind this video is a very long protracted one of missed messages and attempting to work More >


So, whats on the slate!


Well its a new year and as usual for myself i find the first month of the year to be a bit of a barren patch for work!

if i’m honest i dont think i’ve ever had a good January the entire time i’ve been freelancing… never any good when you’ve just had an expensive Christmas followed by needing to pay More >

Merry Christmas!


Merry christmas for anyone reading this!


although this is a new site and a very new blog i’m currently sat at the folks house this Christmas enjoying the atmos and Christmas cheer…


well eventually, if i’m honest Christmas seems to have snuck up on me this year due to an ever increasing workflow More >

ste asleep

Getting Started!



Right, first off welcome to my website!

its been a long time coming but i’ve finally started to get myself organised and i’m in the process of trying to ‘get my name out there’ a bit more and hopefully start meeting more interesting people and start working on more interesting projects.

As for More >

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