Hi! i’m Ste (another bloody) freelance DoP.

I’ve been freelance for around 8 years now and in that time i’ve worked on all kinds of shoots from Indie Features, Shorts, TV, Music Videos, Documentary, Corporate, Live Event and Muti-Cam 

i also moonlight as a gaffer from time to time too!

i’m always looking to meet and work with new people and to be given the chance to tell a story with a bunch of like-minded folk (lets face it thats why we all get into this game.)

check out my reel and if you want more check out my portfolio, hopefully i’ll remember to keep it up to date.

if you fancy making a film let me know. if the scripts great im in already!

i’m always interested in working with new directors and finding new crew just dont try and hire me if you want to shoot 15 sides in a day and expect it to look like blade runner!

apart from that we’ll get along famously.




P.S. im always up for collaboration for the right script/opportunity. in my opinion opportunity and growth are worth more to me than money (i still have to pay the bills mind you) at this point in my career so if you can give me and yourself the chance to tell a great story and can afford the time to tell it properly count me in. that, or give me a chance to learn some new kit/give me some sort of visual challenge and i’m all yours.


p.p.s. i also run a production company alongside a few other freelancers (its very new but you can check us out below)

Page XII

some of my colleagues (check them out their individual works great!)

Andrew AB

Lee Isserow